JF Houle Vs. Corey Vanular

04.18.2017 Momentum Ski Camps, BC

Canadian legends JF Houle and Corey Vanular battle it out at Momentum Ski Camps. Mack is your ref.

In their 26th year, Momentum has perfected what it means to have fun on your skis in the summertime. By offering the best summer ski terrain in North America, the world's top skiers as coaches and non-stop after-ski activities, in one of the most beautiful places in the world – you’re guaranteed to seriously up your game while having your best summer ever!


The Best Coaching. Putting together an experienced, committed and inspirational coaching crew is our #1 priority and is what sets us apart from other camps. They will teach, motivate and inspire you! Many of our coaches are former campers, so they understand your dreams and will help you reach your goals! You will ski with a different coach each day, so you can benefit from all their knowledge and different coaching styles. Their enthusiasm is infectious and you’ll enjoy getting to know them both on and off the mountain, they also take part in afternoon activities, evening video review, join you for meals and stay at the camp hotel. Past coaches include Joss Christensen, Tom Wallisch, Nick Geopper, Bobby Brown, Woodsy, Mike Riddle, Justin Dorey, Vincent Gagnier, Gus Kenworthy, Dania Assaly, Kim Lamarre, Matt Margetts, B-Paul, Corey Vanular, Noah Bowman, TJ Schiller, Riley Leboe, Roz G., Dara Howell, ABM, Noah Morrison, Rory Bushfield, and Keltie Hansen.

Session 1: 9 Days (Adults Only, Age 19+) June 9 – June 17
Session 2: 8 Days (Mixed Ages: Youth/Adults/Families) June 17 – June 24
Session 3: 9 Days (Youth Only and Exposure Film + Photo) June 24 – July 2
Session 4: 9 Days (Youth Only + Girls Week) July 2 – July 10
Session 5: 8 Days (Youth) July 10 – July 17

Exposure Film & Photo Week. What better location to hone your shooting and editing skills than in beautiful Whistler, using some of the world’s best skiers, riders, skaters, kayakers and bikers as your subject matter. Momentum will bring together some of the top filmmakers and photographers in the action sports industry to act as your mentors and instructors. Whistler offers a wealth of action sports subject matter from skiing and snowboarding on the glacier, to mountain biking, skateboarding, bungee jumping, watersports, etc all set against a breathtaking scenic backdrop. With a combined Film + Photo Camp you can specialize in either or practice a mix of both – the choice is yours! More info can be found here.

Adult Camp (Age 19+). The best part of Adult-only camp is no curfew and no restrictions on evening activities. Our Hotel is located in the heart of the Whistler Village, one of the most dynamic resorts in North America. So if you have spare energy after a day in the bumps & jumps, Whistler’s fun factor won’t disappoint! Geared for all levels of Mogul and Park skiers, Momentum attracts a wide variety of ages and abilities from all over the world, from people in their 20’s right up to people in their 60’s. Everyone is highly motivated to improve their skiing, which creates a great energy and inspiring learning environment as well as a fun social scene in the evenings! You also have the pleasure of enjoying the best early summer snow conditions! More info can be found here.

Girls Week. Girls Week 2017 will be back again this year, along with the ‘Spirit of Sarah’ Scholarship, where girls can earn a free camp. Sarah Burke was instrumental in getting this program off the ground and she will continue to inspire up and coming young female skiers as her legacy is forever remembered. This summer our coaches will again focus their energy on mentoring, inspiring and technical coaching, with the objective of creating the ultimate environment for young women to progress. The extra one-on-one attention, continuity of coaching and a nurturing, supportive environment, really helps build confidence and ensures an excellent and fun learning experience. More info can be found here.