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Kim Boberg vs. Colby Stevenson

08.15.2017 Kl├Ąppen, SWE

SLVSH is excited to kick off the 2017-2018 season with our first game of the fall featuring Colby Stevenson and Kim Boberg at Kläppen Ski Resort during Kimbo Sessions. Big thanks to Monster Energy for making this game a reality!

Hey guys! How’s it going? What did you get up to this summer and where are you at these days?

Kim: All good over here! Summer has been nice, got to coach for two weeks over in Norway for the Field Productions Camp which was real fun, Even Sigstad did an insane job with the park at the Juvass glacier this summer so that was definitely one of the highlights.

Right now I’m at home in Älvdalen, Sweden, about to put in some work on our movie “Airea” that I filmed this winter alongside Oliver Karlberg and film master Fredrik Larsson. It was all filmed within an hour so it was a real interesting project to do and a lot of fun! Keep your eyes open for that this fall. Other than that I’m starting to get real hyped for the preseason at Kläppen, so the plan is to finish up the movie and work a lot before we start grinding again!

Colby: Doing awesome out here in Utah. I’ve been taking college classes this summer and riding my bike almost everyday. I’m as healthy as ever and happy to be enjoying summer activities, big difference from last year after being in a terrible car crash and having a miserable summer. Haven’t skied since I was in Mammoth back in June, so as you can imagine I’m fired up to be going down to New Zealand for a World Cup in the end of August!

After that, it’s back to the books for the fall semester, and time to get stronger for this coming competition season. Also have a bunch of content dropping this fall so stay tuned: “Roasted” - a film by Oliver Hoblitzelle, Oakley Week at Mammoth, shots in Good Company / Tom Wallisch's movie. This coming winter I will be competing heavily and filming in the backcountry as much as possible. Hoping for another outstanding snow year!

What were some personal highlights from the last Kimbo Session?

Kim: Everyday day was wilder than the day before so it's definitely hard to pick one highlight, but I'd say the general feel from the whole week was the best -- that and the awesome mix of people that were here. It was just pure great times and shred, people sent it left to right so it was hard to keep your eyes from the park.

Colby: Kimbo Sessions was easily the funnest week of park skiing i’ve ever had. From the unique features, perfect weather, slvshy snow, and awesome people involved, there wasn’t a single thing I would change about it. Personal highlights from the week came from feeding off of everybody’s positive energy and thinking of tricks I’ve never done because the features were so different from any other park. Skiing that park made me feel like a little kid again, so many tranny’s and gaps to choose from.

What about your game of SLVSH?

Kim: Dude, it was so damn fun, Colby is so good at everything too, so I was like “oh shiet I'm in for one hell of a ride now, probably gonna get five straight letter without trying one trick”. But it turned out to be one of the most fun games ever for me, and it was so ill to ride and try new stuff with Colby. I just wanted to try everything we called so it was great man!

Colby: I was hyped to play SLVSH with the boss himself! I was lucky enough to get invited out, thanks to Jesper Tengvall at Oakley, but then get to play Kim Boberg in Slvsh?! I had so much fun trying different trick variations and funky things that Kim’s style brought to the table. It was even better because we got to ski the park for five days before playing so we knew most of the lines and had ideas for certain tricks. Not only was it an honor to play SLVSH with Kim, but to play a game in the sickest park in the world made it that much cooler.

These ones are for you Kim. Talk to us about how Kimbo Sessions was created.

It started when we filmed for “Oil&Water” with Armada and Kläppen threw together a park shoot for us, the whole setup was just out of this world. To be able to build features and shred at a resort after closing with no one else there with your own time schedule and the key to the lift was just too surreal to stop, so we got to build a bit more the year after and a bit more the year after that and so on.

It was just pure shred that week and it took me back to the feeling I had when I started in a way, and all the spring events that was back in the days that I used to look at like Superpark in Mammoth and a few other events that felt like they started to die out a bit.

What goes into making Kimbo Sessions a reality?

You know, nothing would have really happened if it wasn't for Kläppen and the great crew of people I get to ski with, I mean, I threw the idea out in the air for the crew at Kläppen and they were backing it 100% and the the last two years we have got MonsterOakley and Xtravel backing it to who has made it possible to build more features and provide us with a good living over there, and that really what it's all about and what I would like to to, to create an insanely fun park with a good feeling allround.

But it's starts with a plan of what we want to create media wise, what we wanna build, what budget we got to play with and then we just make it happen!:)

How do you go about choosing which athletes to invite?

It’s pretty random but the people who have been there share the same love for skiing and snowboarding you know, I have met some of them before some of them not, and then a few locals that drop in and out during the week as well.

The worst part about doing this is to not be able to invite everyone to come. But we started with a small crew of 10 people then 15, 20 and now around 40 people this year. And now when we have been able to extend the park build we can also invite more people so that is fucking awesome! And since it the resort is closed for the season it would be a whole other process to make it 100% public you know since they would have to open up the resort again pretty much, but I hope that we can invite everyone someday in the future!

Are we going to see another edition this season?

I really hope so, I'm about to start figuring everything out really soon, but the aim is always to be able to build more things to shred on and to invite more people to take part! Skiing is the shit and let's keep it alive and do fun stuff!


Spoiler alert, we also shot round two of Emil Granbom and Hugo Burvall, along with Henrik Harlaut's and Coline Ballet-Baz's Instabangers. Stay tuned for those release dates!

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