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Birk Ruud vs. Eirik Sæterøy

08.22.2017 Myrkdalen, NOR

Hey guys, where are you two at these days?

We’re both currently in New Zealand training for the upcoming World Cup!

How did you first get into skiing?

Birk: I jumped trampoline since I was three. When I was seven some of my homies wanted me to try alpine skiing, but i just wanted to ski in the park and made the move to freeskiing the next year. I was about eight when I started.

Eirik: Started freeskiing at about 9-10 years old, but I have been skiing all my life. Both of my parents are old cross country skiers, so one could say I went in a different direction.

How long have you been a part of the Norway Freeski Team?

Birk: This is my second year now. I joined the team after I won the YOG in 2016 and had some good results at comps. I was at the Junior team for a half year before that happened though.

Eirik: I just got on the team this year, which I have been working on for a couple of seasons. Got my big break last year with two podiums in Big Air WC and 2nd at Big Air at X Games Hafjell. I’ve been on the Junior team for three years so I’ve been in the “circle” for a while, but finally got on the national team this year.

What are the pros and cons of being a part of your National team?

Birk: Pros -- Travel all over the world, ski new places, learn new stuff, and get great experiences. // Cons -- combining school is a struggle, and unfortunately I don't get too much time to spend with the pretty norwegian girls we have back home.

Eirik: Pros -- Get a lot of opportunities regarding exposure in the World Cup circuit and in the world, and you get to travel all over the world and ski new places. // Cons -- Can’t really think of something, still a rookie on the team.

What brought you guys to Myrkdalen last season? Talk to us a bit about that event.

Birk: Shred and stoke with the boys! Another comp, another opportunity to learn and do well.

Eirik: Got to represent on home turf! Was a fun event. Some difficult weather during some of the events, but still fun to be riding with all the boys.

What is your favourite trick / line that your opponent set?

Birk: Everything was fun! I definitely loved the aerial kicker.

Eirik: Definitely the line with the cork 3 and dub 10 on the aerials kicker!

Last but certainly not least… What’s the plan for this winter?

Birk: Have a sick season, with shred and send! And if I make my goals I'll be blessed:)

Eirik: Ride as much as I can and try to have as much fun as possible. Since it is the Olympics this season we’ll be riding most if not all the slopestyle World Cup events to get qualified for the big games.