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Chase Ujejski vs Anders Ujejski

08.29.2017 Whistler, BC

What’s the best part about growing up in Whistler? What’s the worst?

Chase: The night life! Haha, but seriously, the mountains don’t disappoint. It’s crazy how after so many years of skiing here there’s still new spots to be found, plus the parks are unreal. Just got to watch out on long weekends. I’ve gotten pretty good at gaper dodgin’ on the mountain, but still it’s surprising how clueless some people are.

Anders: I’d have to say the best part is riding with all the homies. There’s so much talent up here! Everyone’s always so hyped to go shred that some days it’s hard to stay in school. Which brings me to the worst part. School. But I’ve learned to balance it so that my teachers don’t hate me too much. All in all the Whis life is pretty damn sweet!

How do you guys manage the ski-school balance? What’s an average week mid-season like for you two?

Chase: It’s alright. Anders and I try to plan our classes so we have some hard ones in the morning, and easier ones in the afternoon, so we can go skiing some days in the week. On the weekends, we’ll both ski, so we never really sleep in until summer. That’s probably the hardest part.

Anders: Our school is super flexible which is nice. The whole winter and spring we’re super behind, then we just catch up in June and get it done haha. The average week when we’re not away skiing somewhere else is like two weekdays skiing and then two more days on the weekend as well.

What are the pros and cons of having a brother that’s as talented as you?

Anders: Well when all our friends are at school doing math or something, Chase and I can always shred together and leave homework for the next day.. Or the day after. I think skiing with people that are as good as you motivates you to try new stuff, so that’s definitely a pro. As for cons, There isn’t really any.

Chase: Yeah what Anders said. Sometimes it’s tough to stay in school, but our grades aren’t bad.. Surprisingly. And it’s always good skiing with the bro because we push each other to get better.

Who are some skiers / snowboarders you looked up to while skiing WB?

Anders: The local boys. Carney, mccarl, Pettit. Their styles are just fun to watch. Also Teal is crazy good and Dean is a wizard when it comes to jumps. As for boarding, my older brother is always riding in Cali and is definitely a guy to look out for! The whole FootyFIEND crew is nuts!

Chase: There’s so many, Jake, Jarrad, all the Simple. boys, the FootyFIEND crew and my brother Kai just to list a few.

How old were you two when you first started skiing? Does your whole family ski?

Chase: I got into park around age 10, but the first time I skied I was two years old. My dad skied at a young age as well, where my mom started skiing a bit later like in her early 20s. Then my older brother switched from skiing to snowboarding when he was 10. So we’re not a skiing family, but we all ride something.

Anders: Chase pretty much summed it up. Kai started boarding at 10 and when we saw the tricks he was doing we wanted to try it too, but on our skis instead. A couple years later we were hooked on skiing park.