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Magnus Graner vs. Jake Mageau

10.24.2017 Sierra-at-Tahoe, CA

ON3P Skis is proud to present the first of four games shot on location at Sierra-at-Tahoe, featuring fan favorites Magnus Graner and Jake Mageau. Check below for a quick Q&A with Magnus, and stay tuned for our interview with Mr. Mango in the coming weeks.

Hey Magnus! We last spoke after your X Games Real Ski win. What did you get up to the rest of the season?

I just kept filming for Interpretation and the ON3P video that just dropped and also been working on a profile all season with Imaginary Trace. I had an unreal season! Winning X Games got me super stoked and I kept stacking all season. I don't even understand but I got over 60 film shots and I am grateful :)

Summer has been great. Learnt to really let go of fears especially when skating. Been eating mad good and growing a bigger passion for simple things. I go to my remote mountain cabin all the time, I'm going there tomorrow with our dog to join some moose hunting. Me and Låcki our dog will track them down and we let our uncle shoot ‘em. Also been making music and working in a warehouse driving a truck.

Where are you at these days? And what’s the plan for the fall and winter?

Right now on a bus on my way home from Peyben’s house after working on our shared The Bunch van, named “Göran”. We plan to put a lot of kilometers on Göran this year so it needs some love. I will be doing Real Ski again and I am staying in ScandiLands to film it together with The Bunch.

There is a saying in Sweden that if there is a lot of Rowanberries in the fall the winter will be deep. There is tons of rowanberries this fall!!! After Realski I am switching up my game and will ski more all mountain stuff and just do simple phone videos. It’s my resort vision and it keeps me up at night! I am so damn stoked :)

I'm also gonna film a lot ON3P team stuff. So exited on the crew right now. We have a great family and we are stoked to spread ON3P. The Bunch got huge plans!

Tell us about your pro-model ski with ON3P.

I got the news when we started filming for Finito so that means we started three years ago. I have been riding them the past two seasons. Right now I am on prototype six and we have made seven prototypes. We put a lot of work into it and it’s super inspiring to work with ON3P on this because they are really passionate about building skis. I am looking for a powerful and playful ski and would say we have come really close to the line where power and playfulness meets without limiting the ski to either. You can rip on these on fucking anything.

I truly love them and they changed my skiing and life. Skiman was born two years ago, right as I got my skis, I do think the skis had a big roll in that.

How important is it for you to have partners who believe in your ideas?

It means everything! I want to focus on everything I like and I am honored to have sponsors who support that. I support them and they support me, it need’s to be good and true relationship. Also I surround myself with The Bunch and we give each other super powers.