Burrrlapz | The Movie

12.26.2016 Fernie, BC

Holy! Congrats on putting together such an awesome movie. Do you have anything to say to those who just finished watching?

Thank you and Sorry.

Describe The Burrrlapz in one word.


What motivated you guys to begin shooting for this film last year?

This time last year Josh and Dylan went to the ‘Wasted Youth’ movie premier in Revelstoke (go watch it now) and it was such a good show we decided to put on our own premier the next year. When we were kidss there was always a local movie put on by one of our sponsors “Commit” and we also wanted to bring that back to our home town again. Enter Burrrlapz The Movie.

Talk to us about some of the highs and lows experience throughout the season.

We always joke that we ski way too much powder and we’re just sick of it, so that’s an obvious high point. Between a better than expected season in North America and doing a trip to Japan, we got about triple our fair share of the deep stuff. However the three of us each wound up dealing with some sort of injury during the season. Some worse then others, but as a super small 3 person team if one of us is down then it makes shooting almost impossible. Brody dislocated his foot at the end of our Japan trip in January, putting him out for the rest of the year. Josh was dealing with a partially torn achilles the entire season, but still putting together a full part for the movie. While Dylan had another heel injury in late March doing some follow cam stuff in the Whistler black park lane. Needless to say 2016 was dubbed the #yearofthefoot for us.

What was the biggest obstacle you guys had to overcome? What did you learn from the process of putting together a movie?

Being a tight knit circle of friends shooting went fairly smoothly for the film, aside from a few more-less minor injuries. Our trip to Japan was a wild time as always, especially when you throw in an unexpected Japanese romance with a Kiwi, cough cough Josh. Luckily Essex Prescott came along with us to keep everything in line.

The biggest struggle was putting the whole thing together. It’s super time consuming to quality control a film longer than 4 minutes, so there was a lot of unnecessary drafts. Shout out to Dylan for getting it all done in time.

Did you all grow up skiing together? When did you guys start pointing cameras at each other?

We all grew up going to school and skiing together in Fernie, and started making videos around 2007/2008. But the Burrrlapz unofficially formed in fall of 2012. We got a t2i and a fisheye and just shot us being idiots, hitting cat tracks, yelling, and a kept it to a strict classic rock playlist. People seemed to like that more then any of the other stuff Dylan was making. Fast forward about 5 years and we try to keep the same mentality. Slightly better cameras, lots of powder, more yelling, and most important a classic music playlist.

Tell us about some of the newer additions to the Burrrlapz crew. How did they score themselves an invite?

Yeah we managed to cross paths with some new guys this year. Gabe Taube (superunknown homie) and LSM migrated up to the land of Powder, Tim Hortons, and Bagels. It was good having some new guys with actual talent hit stuff we build! Really cool to see some park style guys getting pitted, and getting frustrated with the old switch backflip powder landing thing.

How’s the early season been at Fernie this winter? What’s on the schedule for the rest of the year?

Early season? One word. Trenching.

As for the rest of the season, Brody put it “In the words of all the cool skiers out there, “We’re working on a new Project with some of the boys, be sure to keep your eyes peeled” But probably just skiing some more pow and possibly some classic rock!”

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