Les Khroniques du Québec | Hiver_2016

01.05.2017 Quebec, Canada

Any words to those that just hit play?

You’re about to experience something that really brings you into our world. No big budget, no fancy dialogue, only raw cuts meant to make you see a Quebec winter through our eyes.”

What makes Les Khroniques de Quebec unique? How did you guys originally get together?

The approach is pretty old school, but with the experience and influence based on the modern day ski industry. We’re really trying to bring the idea of a group brought together by a common passion but taking it to any other level that could bring up the crew and the local industry along with it. It’s a long term project, we’re trying to be the influence group that will make the kids wanna go out again.

I [Frank G-P] had the idea of putting together a crew after noticing that every other film crew was gone, and that the local industry was starting to suffer from it. In Quebec there is no clear step in between the first day you hit a park on your skis and the beginning of a professional career. Not every kid wants to or will make it to the big league, we’re just trying to show them they don’t have to get a lot together to have fun on skis.

What skiers and filmmakers inspired you as a youth? What about today?

Definitely Pléhouse and the guys from the Quebec scene back then, JP Auclair with his Untitled Projects (U.P. 1-2), the boys from Advance Vision, The Gagnier brothers, Paralines Productions, Mystic Lands, New Way Prod, ESK, WFP, we watched all the local homies and the local heroes go up as international legends, kids like Phil Casabon, Alexis Godbout, JF Houle, The three Phils, Phil Warren, JF Cusson, J-p Auclair, Iannick B, JD Zicat, Cedric T-F, Alex Bellemare, ABM, so many names that are now pioneers and true pillars of the industry have been riding back then in our local resorts, showing us what could be possible and making us see what we thought could never be seen, that’s the roots of the whole ski industry and our own Quebec roots, that’s what makes us who we are as skiers.

How would you explain the Quebec ski scene to someone who has never skied here?

First, lots of ice, cold weather and man-made snow along with the continuous hits on a year-round non-changing setup on most of the local mountains makes ice patches everywhere in our parks. We’re parks rats, that’s who we are first, arctic park rats, we cover under hundreds of shirts and hoodies and we fight the cold to get our trick bag ready for that last two weeks of the season where it’s gonna be nice and soft to throw all of them at the same time and get a nice segment together.

Through the numerous years of practice in the sport we found out that the Quebec urban was a good way to get out of that repetitive trapped-in-a-box mindset that the local mountains put in their parks, and we escaped for a long journey to find our true inner skiers. All this to say you come to Quebec for the first time, you should expect ice, lots of snow to make up to the ice, nice views, lots of small family resorts, a couple decent mountains here and there, ghetto park rats everywhere, lots of partying and meeting a bunch of welcoming people that’s gonna make sure you have a hell of a time while you’re here.

What makes Quebec such a mecca in terms of urban?

Quebec has been there for a while and with all the architectural structures everywhere in the old city, it creates a scenery with so many spots and it makes every shot that more special. Also the amount of snow during the winter is pretty good so it gives us the chance to ski pretty much anything you could think about.

What do you think it takes for a Quebec skier to make it in the big leagues in this current day in age? How has that changed over the last ten years?

Simply, trying to do something different than the other. For sure there is the competing side that is mostly prioritized these days but skiing is more than this and people slowly forget what is the true essence of freeskiing. Back in the days skiing was the new thing, there was nothing but innovation and all the great guys emerged from our local resorts and thought us the true thing, there was way less people into the sport at this time so it was easy to make you a name, but at the same time each and every one of them was pushing it so much that they had to deserve that name. Every thing that would happen in front of us at that time was brand new and opened millions of possibilities. Times change but one should never forget that the real thing in skiing was and will always be to create something new out of what you got, innovate and create.

Who are three up-and-comers to keep our eyes on?

Jacob Belanger, J-p Brochu and Justin Deshenes Lemieux

What’s on the schedule for this winter? What are you hoping to accomplish with your new projects?

This year the snow is definitely on our side and we are trying to use it as much as possible by showing the potential of backcountry skiing in and around Quebec, also we have a winch almost ready to go so lots of new urban spots just unveiled to us. Something that people have never seen is coming! So expect the truest combination of pow riding, urban slaying and lifestyle awesomeness.

Traditionally, Quebec film crews, and even skiers, haven’t gotten much exposure with either global or national ski media. Why do you think that’s the case?

No one ever really understands one’s reality until you live it. When you see a small kicker on a small mountain, obviously you’re gonna turn your attention sooner or later on a big shot in a big resort, that’s a part of the problem in Quebec. Most of our ski resorts don’t have what it takes to make a big appearance. It’s really hard to try and push the limits of the sports since our local installations are very limiting. Plus there is a very weak support from the local industry which makes it hard to reach to the public quickly and make something happen in the ski scene.

If SLVSH were to bring a cup to Quebec, what would be the top three mountains you’d recommend, and why?

Le Relais, because the park is complete with some technical and basic rails and some nice jumps.

Stoneham, because of the rail park.There is two principal park , one with some jump, big rails and an olympics half-pipe and the other one is a long run of fun boxes and rails in a nice terrain with curves and vallon all the way down.

Mont Orignal,because it's the most underground park around quebec. They got a big jump line with some crazy rails options and a very cooperative park crew.

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