Frostbite | Park Days | Ep 2

03.20.2017 Stoneham / Maximise / Avila / Killington

Episode two of O'Neill North America's new web series, Frostbite, takes you through the parks of the east coast with Sandy Boville, Evan McEachran, Seb Chartrand, Math Dufresne, Ali Mahaut, Yan Desy and Yan Bussieres as they compete and spin hot laps at Killington, Stoneham, Avila, and Maximise. Produced by Seb Gagnon and Maxime Trudel, with additional footage provided by Chris Power, Julien Eustache and Dav Bonneville.

March 29th: O'Neill team trip to Bear Mountain / Mid April:Q&A with the producers and O'Neill rookies / April 19th: Private spring jump shoot / May 10th: Winter street mega edit / June 10th: Interview with Clayton Vila and Vincent Gagnier / July 10th: O'Neill session takeover at Camp of Champions,