Grief Happens | Mike Shaw

08.12.2017 Stanley Park, BC

According to Mike Shaw “Grief Happens,” but gratitude is your foundation for healing. It’s all about perspective. Your lows give you a greater ability to appreciate new highs. Trust that you will heal. You CAN live a FULL life after grief. Mike shows you how gratitude and grieving are closely linked. He goes as far as saying that grief reveals gifts, he’s grateful for its validation, and for the balance it brings to your life. Grief Happens – but YOU can turn the tables; healing is possible.

In this TED talk, learn how freestyle skiing and spinal cord injury taught Mike Shaw about gifts, perspective, gratitude and grieving. Mike is an accomplished freestyle skier, ski-coach, entrepreneur and speaker with a unique story of human triumph. His story will empower you to help the chronic grievers in your life.

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