The Ballad of Fictitious Frank | Björn Eklund

09.03.2017 Kläppen, SE

Congratulations on the new project. How would you explain your film in one sentence?

Björn: Thank you! And thank you so much for letting me be a part of this interview! The sentence: It is a cryptic movie.

How old were you when you started filming and editing?

Haha, maybe it's not the typical way to become an editor who edit skimovies. But anyway, back in the eighties (2006) I played a lot of World of Warcraft. I watched every movie that was put online and one day I wanted to try editing myself, by then it was 2009 and I were 16/17 years old at the time. I got off the gaming scene and I started skiing and took the decision to move up to Åre in 2010. There I was introduced to the deadly GoPro camera and did some really bad season recaps for a few years. It was not until 2014/2015 everything got a little bit more serious. So to make the long story short, I guess I’ll have to thank World of Warcraft for everything haha.

How did you eventually end up at Klappen for the season?

This year I wanted to travel to Kläppen as much as I could. It ended up being almost every other weekend. Film, ski and have a great time with my closest friends. Kläppen is the best place for a skier and a filmer I believe. The amount of help they put into your projects and plans is crazy, they are so helpful and supportive. Something I’ve never experienced from other ski resorts before. Kläppen stands out from the crowd.

I got an invitation to Kimbosessions from Freddie Grann and Kim Boberg earlier this spring. I were the stoked kid to say the least. For me this is the biggest thing that have ever happened to me. To shoot and live with your idols is just beyond words. Kim and the crew spoiling us with probably the best park ever made, the bluest of all birds and good vibes in general. Thank you Kim & Freddie!

Who are some filmmakers that inspire you? What about skiers?

Ante OlofssonStept and Level 1 is the top three most influential filmmakers for me. Ante because of he always manage to bring a certain feeling to his creations which I admire. Stept and Level 1 for their crazy filming and editing skills and always bringing the stoke to skiing. Besides skiing it’s probably Alejandro González Iñárritu and Quentin Tarantino.

There are too many skiers to mention that inspires me, every single skier at Kimbosessions were a blast to see and meet personally. But through the years it's always been the infamous three: B&E, The Bunch and Thrashparty. Buuuut my favorite skiers right now must be Kim Boberg, Magnus Norsteng aka Magz and Hugo Burvall. The style and trick they choose is just insane! Sorry for the longest post, too many crazy skiers around the globe yo!

What is one tip you would give to aspiring filmmakers? What do you think it takes to stand out from the crowd?

This is a tricky one because it all comes down to inspiration and creativity, which we see a lot of in skiing and filmmaking right now. But, go your own way I guess, try to do something different and put effort into it. Skiing is all about freedom and if you try to put that certain feeling into your editing I’m quite sure it will lead you further, in some way or another. I love the artsy stuff The bunch & Leigh Powis has going on in their editing. They bring some psychedelic and freedom-feel to their creations, more of that!

Last but not least, don’t stop making full lenght-movies.

What’s your plan for next season? What about the next five years?

As of right now I'm currently working as much as I can to save money. I'm in between mindset if I should start studying again or continue to work. I got some ideas I want to bring to life and also keep progressing my film & editing skills, both ski and non-ski related. I will definitely go to Kläppen as much as I can this coming season too. Can't get enough of that place. Hopefully I will return to Kim Bobergs insane event next year and enjoy life to the fullest and meet all the great people again, that would be awesome!

Five years. If everything works out fine I hope me and my girlfriend will have a super smooth house. No, actually two houses, one somewhere in the deep mountains of Sweden and the other one in a bigger city. That would be life. My filmmaking have taken a new turn and there's much going on now, which I’ve never experienced before and therefore my confidence boosts a little bit. It gets me stoked and I will definitely ski as much as possible and try to add more projects to the table. You never know what will happen, maybe there will come something out of this.