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Hey Brooke, how’s it going? Talk to us about the Diamond Annies.

It’s going great! Im currently in Colorado getting ready for another winter season.

Diamond Annie’s is an all ladies film crew. We film in the streets and are based all over the place and the crew typically varies from year to year. Our goal is to be non-exclusive and include any lady out there stacking street shots. This year we put together our second street project which included two new ladies which we are super stoked on. What I love about what we are doing is bringing together the film ladies based out of all over the world and putting all of our shots together at the end of the season. I guess you can say we are somewhat misfits in the ski community but have all found our place through this crew.

To the Diamond Annies -- are you girls stoked to get more ladies involved in street skiing this winter?

Brooke Potter: Yes! Our goal is for this to be a platform for ladies street skiing, so we can include any girl who is out there filming in the streets and make it a little easier to be a part of a crew despite being based out of all over the place.

Lydia Symei: Absolutely, this was my first attempt at street and it was super fun. Girls think it's too hard to get into but I'm proof that it's not. I'm hoping to inspire some of my local girls to come with me when I hit up the next street spot.

Rosina Friedel: Yes that would be great! To push each other, hang around and to do some creative stuff together.

How did you all get into street skiing?

B: I l just love doing this shit, everything about it. Between the love for filming and handrails, I just got out there and started trying it out.

L: I always wanted to but snow is harder to come by in Australia.. then after a summer in Revelstoke scouting features I was like “screw it, I'm gonna try this.”

R: I was inspired by the “Too Hard” gang! Saw that and was so stoked to do this too!

What are some obstacles you face in doing so?

B: Some of the obstacles we face are that none of us besides me and Danylle film together during the season because all of us ladies are so spread out between Austria, South Korea, Canada and the States. So we really have to find other homies to film with and then compile all of our footage at the end of the season. Finding people to film spots with is one of the biggest barriers of entry. Street skiing is not an individual thing to do and you need at least one person filming, another pulling bungie, and probably a couple more to help set up the spot. Even on a day the city gets snow it can be super challenging finding friends who are off-work and who are willing to be out all day building and finding spots to work out. That has been my biggest barrier every single year.

L: I think the main obstacles are just encouragement. No one really wanted to get involved so I built it myself and made my buddy film it. A six pack of beer convinced him. The other barrier to entry is that it hurts. Once you get over that it's pretty much fine.

R: The fear.

What do you think the rest of the ski community can do to help?

B: Having guys be more open to us hitting spots would be a big step. It’s kind of crazy how hard it is to find dudes that are willing to have a chick come along to a spot even after offering to help film / set things up / build the spot. I can honestly say there are only two guys that have been consistently helpful when it comes to filming when there could be more who are down. Even though we are an all girls crew, we are so spread out between countries that we do still have to hit spots with the dudes to make it work.

L: Invite girls to street spots. Help them with creative ideas, get stoked on getting their shots.

R: Represents and support girls, like with this interview.

Do you have any goals for this winter?

B: I would really love to link up with Lydia and Rosi to film this season by taking trips out of the States. My goal is to film a longer part and to honestly stay as healthy as possible throughout the season after dealing with an injury most the season last year. Bigger spots, more speed, better tricks. Always the goal.

L: Probably a kink rail, but also just being more creative and not caring what people think. I'm just gonna hit what I want and if it's fun it'll likely look sweet.

R: I have many dreams in my head! One is too meet all the girls here in Innsbruck or somewhere else in the streets.