A40 | Edit and Q&A

11.04.2017 Mt. Hood, OR

Hey dude! How’s the fall treating you?

Hey Jason! The fall has been amazing. I spent spring, summer, and fall living in the Mt. Hood area.I ended up moving into this three story mansion in Parkdale. It had a insanely beautiful view of Hood and my house was about 30 minutes north of Timberline ski area / about 15 minutes to the south of Hoodriver, OR. Definitely this cute little yuppy town on the Columbia River.

I waited tables at night in Hoodriver and skied during the day at Timberline. Haven't really had an off season. Timberline closed on Labor Day, then like two weeks after, Hood got hit with another storm. There was pretty much snow on the ground the entire fall!

Is there a reason you chose not to work for on mountain this summer?

Well I love Windells -- I was a digger last summer and it's by far the most enjoyable job I've ever had. But the wages are so low I kinda needed a job where I was gonna make more. I've worked for Timberline in the past, so I guess I wanted to do something different. A full summer in Government Camp can make you a little crazy and there's not a whole lot to do aside from skiing. So I kinda balled out, dropped 900 bucks on a summer pass, and just commuted from Hoodriver.

What are your plans for the season?

Nothing's set in stone, but I'm entertaining the idea of moving to Leavenworth, Washington. Skiing at Stevens Pass and Mission Ridge, and there's another little high speed, Yawgoons style, rope tow area called Leavenworth Ski Hill. But I'm thinking of moving in with Simon Knight and skiing and filming more of these slimewater edits. Ideally I would like to make two or three ten minute videos that have a combo of powder skiing, urban stuff from Leavenworth and Wenatchee, and some DIY park stuff. Slime and myself are planning on linking up with these Nelson boys, Spliffrun, Partyboyroy, and 2tabtony in December. That whole mini crew all got blessed with Vishnus. I just had so much fun filming and editing slimewater, and I would love to keep that going and continuing to crank out content. Maybe even coach a little at Stevens Pass and try and work park crew at Mission Ridge a few days a week. Basically I just want to ski every day and explore my childhood ski areas.

How long have you been riding for Vishnu?

This will be my fourth winter with Vishnu. Emmett Davis is the owner of the company and we've known each other since like 2011 or something.I was living with Ian King a few years back and he had some old Vishnu's so I basically just mounted them up and put on an old Vishnu hoodie and basically just kind of put myself on. Eventually Emmett started giving me new skis and I became more and more involved in the company as the years progressed. It's really nice to ride for a local, homie based company. If I ever need anything it's just a phone call away. V has been real good to me over the years! So thanks!

Who’s skiing do you enjoy watching these days?

Nowadays I’m blown away at the level of skiing. The Bunch, the HG homies, Keeshlife, have been pushing skiing in such a fresh direction. I've watched far out, Finess, and Finito so many times. Same goes for the Keeshlife movie that came out last year. Mad stoked I got to meet and ski with Anttu last winter. He was getting at least one shot everyday for like months. The entire HG movie was sooo good. Jerm Vey’s opener! Hackel went crazy in as well!

Just want to give shoutouts to all my homies as well, there always coming through with insane inspiration The Kid, Wabby, Meeks, Sanchers! Really love skiing with them! Loved the Trash Party videos! All the footage out of the Kimbo Sessions this year in Klappen. Shouts out to Spliffrun, 2tab, and Partyboyroy! The movie Roasted by Oliver was so so good! Love skiing with my good brother slime-on as well, tommy two times! Just thinking of all these homies gets me excited. Skiing is just so inspirational, so many good buddies across the globe! Sorry if I forgot to mention ya there's a lot of people I could add to that list!

Why do you do the tricks you do?

I know that personally just like watching people's footage that is different or unique -- it doesn't even have to be something that’s never been done. Even doing something simple like a back two, but like trying it ten different ways holding it till the last second and snapping it around, or doing a 90 off and landing on your noses and pressing out the last 180, ya know how about taking that same trick to off the noses three out. I Mean there's just so much room to explore.

It's kinda funny a lot of people hate on Parviz Faiz, but like the way I look at it he's thinking different he's trying to find a new boundary to explore. It's been said before but I think it's more difficult to follow a path no ones going down, opposed to emulating something that's been done.I think there's a lot of credit to give out to people who actively are trying to push a new boundary of skiing. It may not always be perfect or amazing but it's unique, it's different.I mean the Bunch is so loved, and they have so many haters.I mean it kinda blows me away how people are so pro status quo. With my own skiing,I just want to try n be unique figure out new way to do something. It's actually really hard, not always pretty either haha. Try it sometimes get out your shell, it's fun.

In your opinion, what holds more value? Filming a two year video part, or training for two years to go to the Olympics?

If you do both that is pretty incredible. Dollo can win comps and put out an x games part. Hackel is on track to be balanced between putting out a seg and having a shot of making the US team. But idk I mean video parts can grab the hearts of people and inspire them to ski differently, live a different lifestyle. Butttt at the same time I mean Shaun White is pretty much an American household name, for better or worse that dude straight got famous about it. I mean I guess it depends what your goals are.

And honestly I don't think Olympic years really matter. Can anyone reading this remember the top five finishers of the last olympic qualifying event? Can anyone even name where the event took place? Everyone skis hard every year I feel like. Everyone watches the Olympics, but I don't think anyone really pays too much attention to the road to the Olympics, I don't think anyone really is paying attention to skiers "points" and what not.

What other sports do you follow? What do you think skiing can learn from it / them?

Love watching skating boarding though.I feel like skateboarding is going through this crazy progression right now where everything's getting mad creative and jibby and breaking all the rules. Really back that direction of skating super hard

Any last words / shoutouts to those who read this interview?

Big shouts to my mom and dad. They’re the best! I wouldn't be a skier man if it weren't for them! Big ups to all my homies, love y'all! Bigs ups to all the snowboarders, skier guys, skaty boys, shouts to anyone following their hearts and dreaming big! And thanks for the opportunity Slvsh! Good chatting with ya Jason! ❤