Ethan Swadburg | Edit and Q&A

11.12.2017 Windells Camp, OR

“From weaseling his way into our lane and employee housing as an eighteen year old, to spending full days destroying our summer jump line as the most recent addition to our Takeover Pro lineup, Swadburg has evolved into one of my favorite skiers and a fixture of our summer camp community.” - Jason Arens, Director of Marketing at Windells Camp & Academy


Hey Ethan! What are you up to these days? What projects can we see you in this fall?

Hey what’s going on man, just finished up working for the fall and starting to ski every day as all of the Summit County ski resorts are beginning to open.

This fall you can find me in Level 1’s “Habit” and Good Company’s “Guest List”. I went up to Revelstoke in January with Level 1 for a couple weeks, then got to end the season with a park shoot at Mammoth with those guys. I was also lucky enough to get invited to a park shoot at Seven Springs with Good Company, which was a really cool experience.

Any big plans for the upcoming season? Do you see yourself competing or filming more?

Yeah, I’m really stoked for this season! I got my first invite to Dew Tour for slope, as well as all the other Olympic qualifiers. All of those comps happen pretty early in the season so after that my only priority will be filming for the rest of the season.

I would love to be able to juggle both of them but it can be tough. I want to put out full segments but I also want to do some of the bigger comps the next few years, so we’ll see how it plays out.

What films / segments are you most excited to see this year? Who were some of your inspirations while growing up?

If you haven’t seen Big Picture’s “Lite Years” or “Roasted” by Oliver Hoblitzelle, do yourself a favor and watch them. I feel like there is so much good content out this fall though, seems like everything has been really good.

Pretty large list here, but basically the old Level 1 and PBP crews, like the “Refresh” and “Everyday is a Saturday” crews. Also the dude’s I would see skiing at Breck. Adam Delorme, Pat Goodnough, Clay Bryant, and way too many more to list.

Talk to us about your time at Windells. How many summers have you spent at Hood / Windells?

This summer was sick!. Got to meet a lot of new people, I turned 21, and I really improved my basketball skills playing on the Windells knockout court. Also, the skiing was super tight. It was my first summer as a Coach at Windells and I really liked it. During the fourth session I was a takeover session pro, which is the closest I’ll ever come to being a camper there, it was awesome.

This was my fourth summer at Hood, third summer working there. My first summer, I flew out for a week and slept on a couch at the Arc and poached the lane. I was blending in pretty well with all of the campers until Jeff Curry caught me skiing the lane. Curry is the man though, he gave me a guest pass and let me ski the lane for a couple more days.

You also played a game of SLVSH against Magnus Graner.

Yeah, Magnus and I played a game this summer! I can’t wait for that game to drop. I don’t want to spoil anything but expect to see both of us do tricks you normally wouldn’t see us do.