Queen City

11.22.2017 East Coast, USA

With a firing winter in 2017, a collaboration of like minded individuals, and highlighted up and coming talents on the East Coast linked up and got after it in the streets. As Burlington, VT being their home city, the crew consisting of Level 1 SuperUnknown Finalist Zach Masi, Semi Finalist Alex Keimel, and Mark Hendry set out to find the city's best and most creative street spots. The crew also traveled to Boston in search of some renowned and iconic spots around the city.

We proudly present Queen City, our short film from the 2017 season. We set out to film and capture a little glimpse of what the East Coast Urban scene has to offer, as well as having fun and staying true to ourselves along the journey.

Skiing : Zach Masi, Alex Keimel, Mark Hendry
Additional : Calvin Lyons, Andrew Bock, Griffin Dahl, Justin McPartland
Film : Cam Willis, Alex Haughton, Sid Callaghan, Griffin Dahl
Editing / Color : Mark Hendry