New England Pride

12.24.2017 New England, USA

The last time we crossed paths was at iF3 where you kicked off the festival with the world premiere of New England Pride. Talk to us about that adventure.

To be honest, it was more of a shit show than an adventure, but yeah I made it just in time to introduce my movie and kick off the festival, but there on after was just a mess. Let’s jump back to the beginning of the trip where the Canadian border made me pay $200 to enter for 1 night after flying from Oregon. They weren’t impressed with my criminal record!

Though, the people were stoked on the movie and the shots started raining and then me dancing alone started, I literally couldn’t stop dancing so ABM thought it was a good idea to go out on the town. We ended up at Peele’s pub somehow with a captain’s hat on my head and losing my girlfriend in the process, classic. So you know I was acting a fool and literally had to tell myself “You’re wearing a captain’s hat in downtown Montreal and about to get beat up because your freaking out about your girl, stop and go home!” Everything worked out and cellphones were lost and passports were ripped up but I got back over the border in time and got drinks in VT.

Bummed i missed the rest of the festival but ended up in Boston for Halloween and got to see family so it was successful but… then I missed my flight back, another classic moment (TSA new rule: you have to check in 45 min before flight). Super big thank you to my homie Kyle Guy and Courtney, and also everyone that wasn’t a part of this! Hahaha

What goes into making a movie and who helped you along the way? What spot / specific shot was the toughest for you to conquer?

Arlan George is an editing god and amazing filmer, everyone has seen his skateboard edits for Windells. Without him this wouldn’t have happened, he edited the whole thing and was very patient with my crazy Patriots brain and vision! He literally took care of 80% of this project and couldn’t thank him enough! Originally it wasn’t supposed to be my own movie, all my footage was suppose to go to Keegan and Lupe’s flick but... Alex O’brien and Todd Braucher were like “Fuck that, make your own movie, everyone that matters wants to see your shots highlighted not just put in”! So i took the two legends advice and now we are here! At my age it takes a little extra to hit any urban spot but the third shot in the movie, the closeout, sucked to hit that’s why I only got switch out. I was sick that day and had to work, part of the crew was drunk already because it was a late night mission. Kooks showed up and the focus wasn’t there but this was the end of the season and shit weather was rolling in so… Lettt’s Goooo! There was a weird weld on the rail that you could catch an edge on and I did and you could also hit your head on a literal shit pipe that was hanging, it was at a sewage plant and Mason Kennedy did before I even stepped to it so I had to put the brain bucket on. The in run was slow and had a weird turn in it, to top it off I got a minor concussion like fourth hit because I clipped my tail on the closeout. Glad I walked away with an ok shot and my health. Lets just say that someone drank 18 beers during the process also.

What other movies / edits can we catch you in this fall?

I’m really stoked on Oliver Hoblitzelle’s movie, “Roasted” and can’t believe I got some shots in that flick, it has got the best young bloods in the game in it so… plus he’s a fellow Masshole!  I also had the opportunity to film for the new Travelling Circus episode. It was the funniest because I’ve been homies with that crew since they started and now that they added Dale and Khai, the vibes are even looser than ever which is great! They make the best edits that truly make you want to go skiing so it’s a dream to be a part of it, I really hope I get invited to film some more episodes!

How young are you? How long have you been skiing?

Young? Hahahaha mad funny, I’m 34. I started skiing when I was 9-10 but just had the gear in the garage so I would mess around until ski trips started, that was the end for me. Now I’m on an endless ski trip! I snowboarded during middle school and high school because twin tip skis weren’t yet invented; but then the 1080’s came out so I bought the Blue ones off Andy Stewart in Canada.

I went to the premiere of “Strike Three” in Burlington and haven’t stopped filming urban since. Richie Paradise, Ryan Thomas, Sic Films (Sam Peters), Forrest Frizzle, Shea Flynn and the Flynn family have been major influences from that day on and I hope Sam posts all his epic movies he has made! Meathead Films were great times but shit got real when all the homies came together and Stept Productions was full time, those urban missions and trips were the best of times! So I’ve been skiing for 15 years give or take.

Talk to us about the change you’ve had the chance to witness over the years.

There are so many things I can bring up because everything has changed, literally! But the one thing that hasn’t changed is people retiring or falling off the map for no reason. How can we be a legitimate industry if people quit because they get old or don’t get paid, bullshit son!

Granted, I would have more footage, video parts, edits, and acclaim if I tried to just ski but I’ve always been realistic and have had a fulltime job my whole career. Yes, when I was younger should have taken it more serious and could have focused on sponsors and trying to get paid but nothing’s guaranteed so I didn’t and just winged it with the money I made. There has to be people like me in the industry for there to be people like Tanner and if all the Heed’s, Balsen’s, and Dumont’s just stopped grinding, then we can never experience legends like Plake, Hattrup, and Wong who are still ripping! That goes for all my homies that stopped filming too, don’t get it twisted I’m bummed they aren’t part of my life and producing anymore but never say never.

The 90’s pros are still skiing but most pros from the 2000’s aren’t, that’s so fucked. That was a big motivation for me to make this and is why I will continue to film. Imagine snowboarding without JP,  Jones, Terje, and Huot. Sorry Tall T Dan but we need people to not stop skiing and keep the scene alive! The biggest change in the industry was that people were getting paid but now only a few are getting paid, it’s pretty sad. My sponsors have always been great to me because I’ve always been realistic, I’m very fortunate to have K2 Skis, Full Tilt Boots, Treefort Lifestyles, Wizardz Wax, and Kulkea supporting my dream.

What’s next for you?
I’m hoping that this country gets more snow, because I’m going to be filming as much urban as possible. This is the first season that I’ve ever taken time off to strictly film and hopefully I can budget myself to maintain the fun times. I also plan on hitching a ride on the Tell a Friend Tour this winter, so keep your eyes out for the van in a town near you. There’s nothing more fun than riding with your friends and that’s what the tour is all about so how can you not back it, plus Andy gives away $$ for dope tricks!

What do you think the average Joe can do to make skiing a better place for both newcomers and old dogs alike?

Just by being positive and never giving up, we all love the sport and have to start and end somewhere. So hopefully, those two are separated by a lifetime of fulfillment. The old dogs and park rats need to chill with being so “agro” in terrain parks because we were all those newbies at one point hitting the sides of rail jumps. Growing up for me terrain parks weren’t really a big thing at resorts and I’ve really grown to appreciate them and we need to respect everyone in the parks no matter their ability. Fun takes many different forms and not too long ago mistakes and goofing off became legitimate tricks in skiing, now most of it is captured on film and you can’t tell if it was on purpose or not. Be creative, be open minded, and try something new! Don’t stop skiing and also keep the scene alive!